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The Spirit of Gheel embraces the families of our “friends” and we actively encourage involvement of family members in our community. Our doors are always open to the families and friends of our residents for meetings and visitation, and there are no restrictions on times or days when people can visit. We welcome and encourage the scheduling of formal family meetings to review therapeutic progress and express any concerns.

Residential long-term mental health therapeutic communityWhat Families Say About Gheel

The Spirit of Gheel is a truly remarkable community where friends facing the formidable daily challenges of serious mental illness live in an atmosphere of trust, love and support. It is a great blessing to know that my sibling, who unfortunately has experienced severe mental illness since childhood, lives in such a secure, tranquil and caring place where she is loved and enjoys a measure of peace and happiness that long eluded her before she had the good fortune to arrive at Gheel. In an ideal world, there would be many such communities, but in truth The Spirit of Gheel is extraordinary, perhaps unique. Words cannot fully express my admiration and gratitude to all the folks at Gheel for the wonderful environment they have created and sustained.
(anonymous family member of resident)

After a few months at the Spirit of Gheel my son emerged better connected to nature, friends and family. He begins his journey under the care of an elegant, loving, and straightforward staff.
(anonymous parent of resident)