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therapeutic community PAAdmission criteria for The Spirit of Gheel:

a. Age 21 or older

b. Primary Diagnosis is one of the following:


–Schizoaffective Disorder

–Bipolar Disorder (with or without psychosis)

–Major Depressive Disorder (with or without psychosis)

–Anxiety Disorder (generalized anxiety, obsessive-compulsive, panic)

–Primary Psychiatric Diagnosis with Secondary Personality Disorder

c. Is consistently willing to take prescribed medication

Exclusionary criteria (does not have one of the following conditions):

a. Significant cognitive impairment (mental retardation, dementia, Alzheimer’s, organic disorder)

b. Physically/sexually aggressive or violent behaviors

c. Currently active suicidal behaviors/gestures (includes self-mutilation)

d. Persistent severe mania or predominance of severe manic episodes in bipolar disorder

e. Active substance abuse

f. Eating disorder requiring medical attention

g. Incapable of independent movement or walking without assistance

h. Non-compliant with prescribed medications

Admission Process

The admission process at The Spirit of Gheel begins with a phone call or email to us. We are pleased to answer any of your questions about our facilities or programming. Our phone number is 610-495-7871, ext 216. Our email address is:

Our initial phone contact will involve an intake assessment in which information pertaining to the referred individual’s demographics, current mental/behavioral status, psychiatric diagnoses, psychiatric/medical/substance abuse/legal histories, medication and medication compliance histories, current living situation, and family/social relationships will be gathered. This intake functions as a preliminary assessment of the likely appropriateness of the referred individual for our facilities.

Should the intake information appear to fit our admission criteria, we will request that all available medical records regarding past and current psychiatric/mental health treatment be forwarded for our review.

Although not mandatory unless the initial intake or medical records raise particular concerns, we strongly encourage all potential admissions and their closely involved family members to schedule a visit to our facilities for purposes of both a tour and face to face interview. These factors can be very helpful in assisting both parties to make an informed decision about the appropriateness of “fit” between the individual and the treatment environment.

Based on the intake assessment, review of records and, if feasible, face to face interview, our clinical staff will render an admission decision or recommendation for level of care. A scheduled admission date may be set at that time.

Program Cost

The base fee for most daily program services, room & board, transportation, and regular psychiatric consultations with our Medical Director is $265 per day. There is an additional charge of $360 per month (waived for the first month of residence) for specifically designed weekly psychiatric rehabilitation program activities (the weekly Psycho-Education and Social Skills groups), and a $35/hour fee for any Case Management services. For newly admitted “friends,” a refundable deposit of $7,950 is required prior to, or at the time of, admission, in conjunction with a one-time fee of $700 to cover additional assessment/treatment planning/program orientation time for the first month of residence.